[Description: Three gifs of the December 16, 2013 The Colbert Report. Stephen is at the desk with an over-the-shoulder graphic of Mulder and Scully. (1) He says, “The feds have unveiled their greatest technological breakthrough since whatever they used to keep Mulder and Scully from doing it.” (2) He points to the graphic and yells, “THEY WERE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER.” (3) He holds up a script that says “Mulder and Scully ‘The XXX Files’” and yells, “PRINT MY FANFICTION!”]


"I just never thought of Holman that way, you know. He’s my closest friend. And to not even suspect…"


Gillian Anderson for RED Magazine.

Gillian Anderson attends the opening of ‘Sold’ for The London Indian Film Festival, July 10, 2014